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How to configure NTC 3G/4G | Getting Start with NTC

How to configure NTC 3G/4G
Technology is growing very fast many new technologies are innovating day by day.  And this makes us easy in our daily life. Talking about internet speed, now a day speed is very faster than previous days. Internet speed provider is also growing fast nowadays and also providing high-speed level internet to its users or customers. Similarly 3G, 4G is also doing great in Nepal. 5G is also coming it is in the testing field. Here, we will discuss how to configure your 3G and 4G internet for your android phone and iPhone.

Did you Know
TeliaSonera was the first telecom operator in the world to launch 4G commercially

How to activate 3G and 4G 

This Method is for 3G
Postpaid and Prepaid user go to message box  
Type 3G and send SMS to 1400 or
Type 3G and send SMS to 1415
After sending NTC will response with the below message"Thank you for subscribing 3g service. You will be connected by 5PM next working day"

This Method is for 4G
Dial *444# then you will prompt with one dialog box saying
"Nepal Telecom Proudly announce the launching of 4g services
Press 1 to Activate 4G services"
then press 1 now again you will be prompt will one dialog box saying
"You have requested to activate 4g services. You will be notified from 1415 when 4g service is activated. Thank you.- Nepal Telecom"
then wait for the activation Nepal Telecom will inform you.

How to Upgrade 2G Sim to 3G

If your sim is 2G want to subscribe for 3G then what you have to do is just
Type 3G in the message box
sent it to 1400

How to configure NTC 3G/4G  

After upgrading your sim now it is time to configure your NTC sim here is how we can do it
first, go to your phone setting then click more connection settings and again click on Mobile networks and again click Access Point Names and click add
Setting=>More Connection Settings=>Mobile Networks=>Access Point Names=>Add
Click on Name field type NTC
in the APN field type ntnet
and click save
You can also make MMS setting this is done by again going to the same place but this time in name field type Ntmms and in the APN you have to type ntmms
Setting=>More Connection Settings=>Mobile Networks=>Access Point Names=>Add
Click on Name field type Ntmms
in the APN field type ntmms
and click save

How to configure NTC 3G/4G

How to configure GPRS in NTC

For GPRS setting configuration you have to go to the same place then, in the name field type NTC
and in APN field type ntnet didn't work then type wap then save it 
Setting=>More Connection Settings=>Mobile Networks=>Access Point Names=>Add
for 3g and GPRS configuration, the setting is much similar Ergo you don't have to worry.

How to check the Registered name of your SIM Card 

You can check the registered name of your sim card simply by dialing *9966#
  1. Go to the number dial pad 
  2. Dial *922# 
Now you will see NTC dialog box saying "This SIM is registered in the name of ........
Reply 1, if it is correct
Reply 2, if it is incorrect"
Note: ...... means your name 

How to transfer the amount to your partner

Before applying this you must know your Security code so that you can transfer the amount to your partner. 
To transfer the amount to your partner you have to follow below 
SC stands for security code.
MDN is your partner's Mobile Destination Number.

How to find out the Security Code of NTC Mobile Number

Go to your Message box and simply sent SCODE to 1415
SCODE and Send to 1415

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