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How to configure Ncell 3G/4G

How to configure Ncell 3G/4G
Many Ncell users don't know how to configure Ncell 3G and 4G on their phones. They only use the phone but when it comes to going to the internet and the internet is not working using their data. Then the problem will occur. But here, I will show you how to configure your Ncell General Packet Radio Service(GPRS) and 3G as well as 4G services.

What is Ncell?

Ncell is a private company that provides Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) services to Nepal, beginning under MERO SIM. In 2012 it was rebrand to Ncell. Now Ncell officially becomes part of the Axiata Group Berhad on 12 April 2016 which is the Malaysian telecommunication group. Ncell slogan Here For Nepal changes into Today. Tomorrow. Together.

How to enable Ncell 3G

Nowadays every sim card is upgraded to 4G already but in case your sim is old and cannot support 4g feature and only supported 3g then you can enable 3G service. This can be done by sending SMS to Ncell. Go to the message box and Type A and sent to 900224 you can also do this by dialing 900 and follow IVR instructions

How to subscribe to Ncell 4G?

To enable or subscribe Ncell 4G feature you simply have to dial Q and sent it to 324. This is for old Ncell sim only but for the new Ncell Sim it is already enabled and you can use your sim for 4G. Keep in mind that only 4G supported places are featured with 4G. You can also visit the nearest Ncell Center with your Government Issue card or Citizenship card and upgrade the Sim to 4G with Re 1.

How to configure the Ncell Internet setting?

To configure the Ncell Internet setting, what you have to do is simply follow 
Setting=>More Connection Settings=>Mobile Networks=>Access Point Names=>Add
Click on the Name field and type Ncell similarly in APN field type web 
Name: Ncell (You Can also put Ncellgprs in name field it's up to you)
APN: web
Now save it 
How to configure Ncell 3G/4G

All the processes are the same for all types of mobile or smartphone but if you have any problem then you can call to customer care center dial 9005 and follow instructions.

How to check the Registered name of your SIM Card 

You can check the registered name of your sim card simply by dialing *9966#
  1. Go to the number dial pad 
  2. Dial *9966# 
Now you will see Ncell dialog box saying "This SIM is registered in the name of Bikram Bhujel
Reply 1, if it is correct
Reply 2, if it is incorrect"

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