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Brave Browser Honest Review 2020

Brave Browser Honest Review 2020
You see everyone recommending Brave browser here and there but is it the best browser to switch to or everyone is recommending it for the money so in an article we will test this browser thoroughly and check if this is something you should switch to. You see everyone recommending Brave browser here and there but is it the best browser to switch to or everyone is recommending it for the money so in an article we will test this browser thoroughly and check if this is something you should switch to.


Brave browser is developed by Brandon not from the Linus tech tips the creator of JavaScript and the former SEO of Mozilla Firefox which proves the browser is totally legit he launched the first version of the brave browser back in 2016 in January the browser was more focused on ad-blocking features privacy-respecting and a revenue sharing program where you can send cryptocurrencies to the developers and creators but as this is a chromium-based browser you will see the look and feel of the browser is quite familiar to the google chrome and there is no hard shift if you are switching from google chrome now as soon as you open the brave browser you will see starts of ad blocking and time saved and on the side, you will see the time some bookmarks and recently visited pages and your earned rewards which we will talk about in a minute you can access the setting from the hamburger menu at the top right and also create profiles like chrome.


Now coming down to the speed test let's test the brave browser with three of the most popular browsers that is Chrome Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft edge so how I'm going to do this test is by opening a few websites side by side in incognito mode or private more and we will see how much time it took for each browser to load. Please refer to the following GIF.

so the results are in and as you can see that the results vary from browser from website to website we can see that the sites which doesn't have much of content like Google or Wikipedia only took few seconds to load and the difference between the browser is not significant but when it comes down to the heavy websites like loading time differs a lot like with Hulu CNN YouTube so Google Chrome is the slowest to load then it was Microsoft edge then modulized second and the first place is the brave browser so this test tells us what is the expected speed of these browsers are so if speed is your primary concern then you should go with something like Firefox or brave.


Now talking about the CPU load of the browser if I open 20 websites at once and I noticed that the chrome takes a lot of processing power also in an idle state but the Mozilla had the most processing impact in both running and active State the brave browser was the one who took more processing power by loading and nearly 2 to 5 percent of the power in idle State so overall Mozilla is the most power-hungry then chrome and lightest is the brave browser so far it's good that brave win


I don't think I have to keep the Google Chrome in the privacy list everyone knows about the evil practices of Google they always found themselves in trouble mostly because of privacy concerns detract their users behavior and show related ads so that they can click and bring business to the advertisers Microsoft edge is a relatively new in the game well not entirely they had Internet Explorer but they recently upgraded it to a whole new level and to somewhat usable state but again the study shows that it is the worst browser for security and privacy concerns we don't know about the future projection but as of now you should avoid it so this brings us down to the two browsers Firefox and brave and both browsers have their Brandon hand behind the development Firefox is known as one of the most privacy driven browser and they keep on improving from day by day and the same fingerprint can be seen on the brave browser as well they block ads track scripts and add more security one step further you will see in the brave browser is the tor browser in the incognito or private mode it lets you use the tour in the incognito mode which is a game-changing feature so in a nutshell I would say brave browser and the Firefox are both great for the privacy aspect.


This is the new feature that I saw for the first time in any browser like this and this is what separates the brave browser from another browser so brave has a reward system so what it does is it lets you earn rewards for watching ads and for sharing the browser but this works only if you obtain for the rewards they pay in BAT but which is basic attention tokens which are their own cryptocurrency.
Brave Browser Honest Review 2020

so they work in supporting users creators and digital advertisers that's their concept other than earning BAT tokens from the ads you can also add manually from your card and then you can either contribute back to the developers or you can tip them to the creator you like like you can see on my Brave Publisher Account
Brave Browser Honest Review 2020

if you happen to like my work you want to contribute you can directly go on the browser and contribute as much as BAT you like which then I can withdraw to my account or I can contribute to the other creators I like also you can also contribute to Twitter profiles or websites who have their profiles linked to the brave rewarding system now after using this browser for a week I earned $80 in total for using this on the Windows and on my Android phone which is not huge money but it doesn't take a lot of effort to do maybe I'll earn more by referring this to you guys and that's why you see every YouTuber promoting brave like crazy and now as I've tested it myself I can say that the brave browser is one of the best browsers in terms of speed performance and privacy and you should definitely check it out everybody was right in recommending this browser and now I recommend this too so if you want to check out the brave browser. You can download it from here 

Statements of Brave Browser deposit History

Brave Browser Honest Review 2020

Please note: The Referral Program has now ended as of November 24, 2020, According to the Brave.

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