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What is Brave brower? How to earn BAT token?

How to earn BAT token
Brave browser is a free open-source web browser software developed by Brave Software Inc. The brave browser is completely based on the chromium web browser. The brave browser also blocks ads website trackers. Brave browser partner is DuckDuckGo also supports Windows. macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. The brave browser was found on 28 May 2015. The current CEO of a brave browser is Brendan Eich. The Brave believes that they can make the web faster more secure and more private without unwanted ads or intrusive ads. The brave browser also has its own cryptocurrency called Basic Attention Token (BAT). When writing this article BAT token value is $0.171219 (value is taken from Coinmarketcab). The BAT token is  Ethereum (ETH) based token. The brave browser reward their user with BAT Token when they used Brave browser.

Download Brave Browser and earn BAT Token

So you want to earn some BAT token then first what you have to do is just click below link and download the Brave Browser if you download with the below link you will get 5 BAT as a reward which is equivalent to NPR 100.
Step 1: Download Brave click here 
Step 2: When the download is complete install it then create a brave publisher account
Step 3: After creating brave publisher account, click on Add Channel then choose a channel where you are publishing your content. As shown in the image below
What is Brave brower? How to earn BAT token?

Step 4: Create Uphold Account then connect your account to receive your BAT token in your wallet. Uphold account is the wallet for your BAT Token. Your BAT Token will be sent to your wallet. But keep in mind your uphold account has to be verified to receive your BAT token. As shown in the image below.
What is Brave brower? How to earn BAT token?

Step 5: Now you are ready to earn your BAT token, you can earn BAT token by viewing private ads, and also by using a brave browser. The more you used the brave browser more you earn from their browser and this browser is my favorite browser too because it blocks all ads and faster than any other browser.
Step 6: To claim referral bonus just click your right corner on brave browser logo, there you will see claim option then just click claim as shown in the image but sometime bonus will come after 2-3 days or also sometimes take up to 1 month.
What is Brave brower? How to earn BAT token?

The withdrawal method of BAT

The withdrawal method of Brave browser i.e BAT is they will pay you monthly wise in your uphold account but as I already told you to make sure you verify your uphold account to receive BAT token in your wallet.

How to become a Brave publisher

Step 1: Go to the publishers' basic attention token account
Step 2: Login to your account, if you don't have your account then click the signup button
Step 3: Then click Add Channel and click youtube or any other method to become Brave publisher
then follow the step given Brave browser. Now you are done below is the image to add your account
What is Brave brower? How to earn BAT token?

Payment Proof 

Today I received BAT token from Brave Publisher here is the proof
payment proof
I received second payment from Brave
What is Brave brower? How to earn BAT token?
Third payment Received :)
What is Brave brower? How to earn BAT token?
This is my earning till now without doing anything
payment proof
Note: Referral program is already shutdown


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