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How to earn Netbox NBX coin and NBXB Token free

I will show you how you can earn Netbox coin and NBXB Token free. Without investing any penny. There are many websites that give you earning opportunities but this is a very simple and fast way to earn Netbox coin and NBXB tokens. First, let me explain what is a net box?

What is Netbox?

In simple, Netbox is the decentralized blockchain browser that gives you net box coin while using it. The more you use the netbox browser more you will earn NBX. You can also stake your NBX Coin and earn more. You can also swap NBX coins to NBXB tokens. There are many products such as 

  • Netbox.Browser
  • Netbox.Chain & Coin
  • Netbox.Store
  • Netbox.News
  • Netbox.Chat
  • Netbox.Lottery
  • Netbox.Wallets
  • Netbox.Bridge
  • Netbox.Defi
  • Netbox.Games
  • Netbox.Pay
  • Netbox.Vote
  • Netbox.Video
  • Netbox.Drive
  • Netbox.Proxy 

You can use the above products and earn more. But what I recommended you is to use only a browser and surf the internet and earn more. You can also earn by making a master node.

How to setup netbox and earn NBX coin

You can click here to set up netbox and earn NBX coins.

Download Netbox.Browser and get 1 NBX coin free.

Netbox is DEAD now, Please don't use it's services

Note: The Netbox project has already been shut down, so it is no longer in service. My recommendation is to use Brave Browser to earn rewards.

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