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How to apply for Nepali Passport

How to apply for Nepali Passport

What is a passport?

The passport is called Rahadani in Nepali. Passport is those legal documents that help to know your identity outside of your country. In short, it acts like ID Proof. A passport is necessary when you want to travel from your country to another country. Without a passport, you cannot go to other countries. In passport, you will find all information about passport holders such as Name, Father’s and mother’s name, Date of Birth, Address, Nationality, and passport issued office, and also passport issued date. If anyone applies for the passport then the government of that country will verify him or her then Government-issued passport for him or her. Those who are involved in illegal activities will not get a passport. The government will reject his or her passport application.

What is a VISA?

Visa are those seen paper that is given to him or her to stay, work, travel to other countries. Visa permission is given by those countries in which he or she want to go. Visa is needed when he or she wants to work, stay, travel. Visa may be in document type however mostly it stamped in applicant passport as a shield. I mean you will get a shield or stamp that will work as a visa which tells us that you can enter that country as a temporary stay which means you can stay to those countries until your visa period. Visa is different from country to country. Or 40 – 50 different visas are given by countries to the applicant. In short, Visa is the temporary permission that is given to people to work, stay, travel, etc.

How to apply for Nepali Passport Online

Click here (You will be taken to the official website of  Department of Passport)
On your right side, you will see Apply Online (Pre-enrollment) Flashing on Red and Blue colors. Click it.
How to apply for Nepali Passport
How to apply for Nepali Passport
Before applying, I strongly recommended you to read "Instructions for Online Pre-enrollment"
Now click Apply Online (Pre-enrollment)
Fill up your details and submit your form.

How to apply from your Phone?

You can also apply from your smartphone or mobile. What you can do using Nepal Passport app is
  • MRP Status 
  • Apply Online
  • Forms
  • Lost Passport
  • FAQ
  • Where to apply
Go to your Playstore and search Nepal Passport
How to apply for Nepali Passport

Install app and click on Apply Online
Now all the processes are the same as above.

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